Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It Looks Like This One Didn't Get a Thorough Quality Review Before Being Sent Out. Although the grounds for refusal appear to be spot-on. reports in "Feds get 'disgusting' over 'Obamanation'." From the article: "'It is a Wikipedia entry for a pretty disgusting, unorthodox sexual device,' said Cotto, struggling to find a way to politely describe what he received. 'I was at work, and my jaw dropped open. I literally screamed for my co-workers. They freaked out just as I did.'" Interestingly, if you look at the Trademark Document Retrieval system for Ser. No. 77/091,557, the Office Action is conspicuously missing (although it's attached to the March 7, 2007 response). Finally, is anyone else as shocked as I am that an office action issued against this application less than two weeks after it was filed?

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