Sunday, March 25, 2007

At Least He Didn't Tell Him it Was a Good Case. The Financial Expres reports in "Can’t tell your cokes apart? Sue someone." From the article: "The campaign is based on an oddball thought, that the executives at Coca-Cola who sell the flagship Coke Classic brand want to hire lawyers to sue their co-workers who sell Coke Zero. The grounds for the imaginary lawsuits would be 'taste infringement'—that is, it annoys the Coke Classic executives that no-calorie Coke Zero tastes so much like their sugared soft drink. In one commercial, a person identified as an actual lawyer who is not in on the joke, tells two actors portraying Coke Classic executives: 'It’ll be dismissed. You’ll be humiliated.' Other ads in the same litigious vein ask if you are 'a victim of taste confusion,' offer to help you 'sue a friend' and even assert that 'Coke Zero stole the taste of Coke.'"

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