Friday, November 10, 2006

Now That's a New One. The AP reports that "Andy Griffith sues Andy Griffith." From the article: "The lawsuit says the former Fenrick changed his name for the 'sole purpose of taking advantage of Griffith's notoriety in an attempt to gain votes' and asks the court to order Fenrick to go back to his original name." I must say, I can't imagine how there's any copyright infringement here, and this doesn't sound like true trademark usage...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's All About IP. The National Journal reports on what we can expect under a Democratic Congress in "What If: Judiciary." From the article: "In the House, Rep. Howard Berman, D-Calif., would take over the chairmanship of the Judiciary Courts, the Internet and Intellectual Property Subcommittee. He would look to protect his nearby Hollywood interests by cracking down on piracy and protecting against copyright infringement of TV, music and movie productions."

Monday, November 06, 2006

Do People Still Use Palms? (And yes, that's a joke. No need for irate Treo users to write in.) reports that "NTP Sues Palm Over Wireless Patents." From the article: "NTP, a Richmond, Va.-based owner of intellectual property patents concerning wireless e-mail and other technologies, filed suit alleging that the handheld devices and services Palm uses in its wireless e-mail systems infringes NTP patents in the United States."