Monday, May 15, 2006

You Can Almost Hear the Patent Lawyers Across the Country Firing Up Their Word Processors. So how many "client updates" do you think the average company will receive? Reuters reports that "US high court sets aside eBay patent ruling." From the article:
The high court unanimously reversed an appeals court ruling in favor of MercExchange, a developer of e-commerce technology that sued eBay for patent infringement, saying an appeals court had failed to apply the proper legal test in deciding whether MercExchange should be granted an injunction barring eBay from using its technology.

However, the justices also rejected a crucial argument advanced by eBay, and embraced by a U.S. District Court that handled the case, that companies lose some of their right to an injunction if they have agreed to license out their technology or are not using it to make a product themselves.

The AP has more.

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