Friday, March 24, 2006

Is this Yahoo!'s Response to Different European Standards Regarding the Sale of Keywords? Otherwise, it doesn't really make sense... BoingBoing reports in "Yahoo: if you use our ads, you have to block non-US visitors." From the article: "When I spoke with a Yahoo rep on their Publisher Support line, they said I could block either the ads or the pages, but said over and over again that they 'couldn't and wouldn't' give me any information on how to accomplish such a task. The rep finally told me that I should just firewall or block off 'everything but the US' to keep the Yahoo ads from being seen by anyone outside the US. I'm sure their intent is to block only the ads, but they wouldn't hazard even a suggestion as to the best way to do this. Their 'solution' was basically to block off the rest of the world."

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