Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sounds Like a Multiple-Choice Exam Question. The WSJ reports in "Law Blog Rocker of the Day: Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz." From the article: "Wentz's father advised his son against using the song title, for fear that the group would be sued. Did the younger Wentz listen? 'No, because he was my dad. He advised me against a lot of things that I do,' he said with a playful hint of mischief in his voice. According to Wentz the Younger, the band's lawyers also told them they'd be slapped with a hefty lawsuit, and offered up a few options - they could sign a waiver; include a reference to Ruffin in the song (which somehow would shield against a lawsuit); or change the name of the song. Fall Out Boy went with the third option. Says Wentz: 'We just decided it was a good idea not to get sued.'" Hat tip Marty.

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