Saturday, November 12, 2005

Interesting New Keyword Case. The Technology & Marketing Law Blog covers a new suit filed by Office Depot against Staples in "Keyword Lawsuit Between Office Depot and Staples." From the post: "Staples bought the keyword 'viking' at Google and made various announcements at its website about the brand retirement and the ability of Viking's customers to migrate to Quill. Office Depot characterizes these announcements as misrepresentations that were designed to confuse Viking's customers into thinking that Quill had acquired Viking. Staples characterizes these announcements as lawful comparative advertising/fair use statements, and Staples said it purchased the Viking keyword because it sells some Viking-branded products. On that front, I did a search today and found 1 product, a 'Viking 16MB Flash 5.0V Disk.'" Via Marty.

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