Sunday, August 14, 2005

Music Industry Has a New Villain Du Jour. The AP reports that "Music Industry Worried About CD Burning." From the article: "Music copied onto blank recordable CDs is becoming a bigger threat to the bottom line of record stores and music labels than online file-sharing, the head of the recording industry's trade group said Friday."


Anonymous said...

Don't the two go hand in hand? Once someone "acquires" a new track via file-sharing it seems like they would also want to listen to that same track in his or her car, stereo, etc.

Another interesting development that is occuring is where swappers upload not only all of the track of a newly released CD, but also a copy of the Cover Art. That way file-sharers can download a copy of the entire album. They can print the cover art and then use scissors to trim it to fit into a jewel case, which easily snap apart and back together again to accomodate the process.

P. G. said...

Surely THAT technology, at least, is protected by Sony!!