Friday, January 21, 2005

Welcome to the Real World. It's not every day that a motion has such a direct impact on your client's bottom line. Reuters reports that "SCO Wins Legal Round Against IBM Over Linux Code." From the article: "Shares in Lindon, Utah-based SCO were up 67 cents, or 19 percent, at $4.20 in early afternoon Nasdaq trade after a federal judge in Salt Lake City ordered International Business Machines Corp. to turn over programing code to SCO's lawyers."

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P. G. said...

Hey Kim -- is this you? I happened across an article referencing this blog with your name attached and saying you're in the district. True? In which case, we should grab a cup coffee or something... I just moved into the area myself (working for a small "private public interest" civil rights firm). Shoot me an e-mail! (actually, better use -- has been having dns problems lately)

Long time no see!